M-Arms STD Base Pads

These magazine base pads fit on different magazines depending on the category:

Y1 STD Retro Base Pad = Mec-Gar CZ Shadow2, Jericho and Rex magazines
Y2 STD Retro Base Pad = Tanfoglio (small frame), CZ Shadow 1 and Grand Power magazines
Y3 STD Retro Base Pad = Tanfoglio (large frame) magazines

A1 STD Magwell Base Pad = only with magazine magwell for CZ Shadow 1, CZ Shadow 2, Tanfoglio (small frame), Grand Power, Sphinx 3000 (small frame), Bul Storm, Jericho, Rex magazines

A2-1 STD EVO Base Pad = CZ ( Mec-Gar), Shadow2, Jericho ( Mec-Gar) und Rex Magazine
A2-2 STD EVO Base Pad = Tanfoglio (small frame), alten CZ und Grand Power Magazine
A2-3 STD EVO Base Pad = Smith & Wesson MP9 Magazine
A2-4 STD EVO Base Pad = CZ P10 Magazine